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Who the hell am I, and why do I deserve a website?

I’ll tell ya. I’m a professional chef, seasoned punk rocker, avid writer, not to mention perfectionist, organizer, creator, and total food nerd… I was destined to do this!

I want to start a forum for people on the fringes of society who are fascinated with food. This is the basis of my website: DIY People, DIY food. Why do so many “punks” cook for a living? How come so many dirty fuckers know the best places to eat and drink? Why are punk rock and food related? How are politics and food connected, and why? How are local, organic, seasonal ingredients reshaping what we eat, and why? There are multiple discussions about food politics abuzz…and I want to be in the midst of that buzz…

I also want to use this as a central source for people to link their current projects, i.e. zines, recipes, food groups, gardening or homebrewing or herbal tricks of the trade. Please note- this is intended to be an all-inclusive group. I’d love to hear from all facets of cooking- vegan, gluten free, total carnivore- all are welcome here. What  I want is an active discussion group about the importance of cooking locally, sustainably, organically, and close to home. I want to hear from people around the world and learn what they eat, and why. Recipes please!

Stay tuned for the projects I am working on currently… cheese making, jams, and charcuterie are the projects I will be posting about the most.

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