Butcher’s block, writer’s block


The cursor blinks on the blank page. Write, write, write it taunts. I haven’t updated my blog in over a year. It has been on the back burner as my days are filled with cooking, and not a lot of time to write about cooking. But it is important to me that I write as well. Inspired by the recent 2 day food writing workshop I took last weekend, I sat down this afternoon and started updating my blog. I changed the theme, updated my tag line, and started the process of trying to organize and revamp my page.

I started writing a blog as a natural evolution to a vegan food column I used to write in a zine. That’s slang for magazine, for those of you not hip to the lingo. An old punk rock zine, printed on actual paper, with crinkled pages that left your hands sticky with ink. I loved that magazine. But the times changed, and so did I. I decided to take on a blog as a means of expanding my column from print to the internet. But I also didn’t want to write a vegan recipe section anymore. It didn’t fit what I was doing, or who I was. And as this changed, I lost my readership. And I guess, a clear sense of what it was I was wanting to write about.

Here I am, years later, trying to figure that out still. Right now this is a blog where I want to come and talk about what is important to me in the world of food right now. And for the past few years, that has been the arts of food preservation- charcuterie, pickling, fermenting, cheese making, canning. Preserving food, through age old methods, and preserving the traditions that go along with practicing these techniques. I don’t know where the blog will go from here. And that’s alright.

One of the important things I learned in the food writing workshop was that  blog doesn’t have to be an endpiece- that it can be used as a tool for practice. That showing up and writing the blog is more important than what is written. Holding myself accountable to show up, write, be present in what I am doing. Here I am. Writing, into the void. To no one, to everyone. Possibly to a couple people from my writing workshop who had their own out of date, stunted blog projects. A first step.

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