October Charcutepalooza Challenge- Stretching

For the month of October, the challenge for charcutepalooza was stretching. What’s stretching, you ask? This month, we were asked to stretch the amount of food we could make from an item, the length of time we could preserve it, and to stretch our imaginations as well. The task at hand: the Chicken Galantine. The dish which takes the whole bird, skin removed in a single piece, boned out and broken down. The breasts are seared, while the thigh and leg meat are combined with pork back fat, eggs and cream to make a forcemeat. The whole skin is frozen then  layered with the forcemeat and the seared breasts, wrapped in cheesecloth, and poached. Whew! A lot of work goes into this roulade, and I have to say, it was worth it. A ton of fun to make, and delicious.

The Charcuterie book called for pate spice to season the Galantine. We decided to season our version of this classic with truffle salt, nutmeg, thyme, cayenne, salt and pepper. Then after sitting in the gelatinous stock overnight after poaching, we seared the galantine and served it atop creamy parsnip puree, and roasted baby purple potatoes. A hearty, flavorful autumn meal, with Pinot Noir, of course! Salud!

And, as an added bonus, we had far more forcemeat than the recipe called for. With that, and the flavorful stock from the bones, we made chicken soup flavored with blue kuri squash, collard greens, home made pancetta, and chicken meatballs from the forcemeat. Talk about stretching, we’ve been able to eat all week on one 4 pound chicken, in multiple variations. It feels great to see every scrap of the bird used, from start to finish and know that it was raised humanely from Draper Valley farms, and utilized from the bones to the meat and skin. Cheers to the Charcutepalooza crew for this challenge, it was a great one.

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