Hot Smoking: The April Charcutepalooza Challenge

This month, the Charcutepalooza challenge was hot smoking. A neurotic overachiever through and through, I opted to make the Tasso ham, and to also case and smoke Andouille sausage. 10 pounds of pork shoulder and seasoning, several bottles of wine, many long nights of cooking after 8 hour shifts in a kitchen, a lover as dedicated to food as me, and the sweet, spicy, smoky results are amazing. We smoked them both with hickory chips in a small Weber grill. The Tasso is a bit more cooked than we had hoped, but it still tastes great. The Andouille turned out damn near perfect. I give you Tasso Ham and Andouille sausage, our very own Southern-style goodness in the Pacific Northwest.

4 thoughts on “Hot Smoking: The April Charcutepalooza Challenge

  1. Hey – thanks for liking my post at artisancheesesbydeb

    Your activity also looks awesome. We have a new smoker – so I love the picture of the Andouille sausage smoking away

      1. Not yet – Need to read up on how to keep it cool enough – what is it, cold smoking? I make a lot of Gouda and that I know would be good smoked. So you make your own sausages, huh? Something I want to try my hand at. We have a Kitchen Aid blender with a sausage making attachement.

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