A Witches Brew

Pickling spices done Wednesday evening. Over 6 pounds beef brisket and nearly 3 pounds of tongue sitting on the counter, due to my partner in crime. Tonight, I make the brine- a warm, sweet enticing elixer. Aromatic, salty, and pretty to look at. It’s inviting, wafting tempting smells, billowing sweet steam. It is a bit sexy, if you will. If I didn’t know better, I’d take a dip myself!

Thanks to forces more nocturnal than me, I wake this Thursday morning to my brisket and tongue sitting patiently in the brine (thank you nocturnal assistant). There they will stay for 5 days, until the beginning of next week, when I can cook them off and savor the glory that is a simple piece of meat, brined and corned…

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