Voila. My First Duck Prosciutto.

Here it is, in all it’s humble glory. The first piece of meat I have ever cured. My results for the January 2011 Charcutapalooza Challenge: Duck Prosciutto. It’s Delicious. Recovering from a wicked cold, I’m a couple days late on the 15th deadline, but I’m still glowing in my accomplishment…

I made Stuffed Portabelini Mushrooms with Duck prosciutto and my home-made Parmesan. For a detailed recipe, please check my recipe page.

Very flavorful, earthy, and rich. Seasoned lightly so that the flavors highlighted simply the prosciutto, the parmesan, and the mushrooms. A perfect wet, winter meal. Buon Apetito.


3 thoughts on “Voila. My First Duck Prosciutto.

  1. Rosa

    yum! those stuffed mushrooms look and sound delicious!!! so, you’ll be mailing me some, right? i’m gonna sign up for your email list right now!
    love you!

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